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Week #165 – DPG Meeting

23 – 27 March

It is meeting March, that means not only PANDA meeting time but also DPG, the German physics association. I wanted to keep my stay there as short as possible, therefore I skip Monday and go to the institute. I try to finish some things with the digital design to get a decent screenshot but end up doing it from home. Just in time for the conference.

From Tuesday till Thursday I’m joining the DPG spring meeting, this time in Heidelberg for hadron and nuclear physics. The conference is well organized, coffee breaks are decent, the talks are, well, talks at the DPG. I don’t really like the concept of 12 minute talks, because you never really understand what the others are doing unless you already know some things about their topic. There is just not enough time. On the other hand you want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to talk, so it has to be brief.

Nonetheless, on Thursday I also give my talk about PASTA. The physics analysis is not quite ready to be presented outside the collaboration. On Friday I go back to Aachen with the plan of getting something done, but the week was more exhausting than expected. So I postpone my writing plans to the weekend, which works all the better.


Talk: The PANDA Strip ASIC (PASTA)

Subtitle: A Free-Running Readout ASIC for Silicon Strip Sensors in PANDA
Slides: 12
Duration: 12+3 Minutes

Date: 18 March 2014
Occasion: Annual DPG spring meeting
Location: University Frankfurt, HK21 – Instrumentation
Audience: (Mostly) German physicists in hadron physics, involved or interested in building detectors

The DPG meeting limits the talks to 12 minutes (+ 3 minutes discussion). In these 12 minutes you have to introduce the experiment and the topic you are working on. And then you should talk about the work, you are actually doing. Quite challenging, in my case I was a bit too much afraid of the time limit. I ended up in speaking too fast and had two minutes left at the end.

Luckily, there was some interest from the audience, so I could fill up the gained time with answering questions.

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