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Week #164 – PANDA Meeting

16 – 20 March

Three months are over, it is PANDA meeting time again. So on Monday morning, I drive to Gießen and have three packed days of talks, discussions, and social evenings. It was good and it felt efficient. On Tuesday afternoon I give my talk in the hyperon session (password is the title of this blog), the first time that I’m not talking about electronics but physics.

On Wednesday I drive back home so that I can use at least the two other days for my work and writing. One of the days I write a script that automatically creates and generates a composed screenshot of the digital design. The problem is, that exporting is not well supported, so one can only make screenshots of the current display. This works fine if the design is small, but for larger scales this just gives you a colored brick (the resolution is not high enough).

My idea was, to move the current display of the zoomed design, take a screenshot, move it again, screenshot, … and so on until I have a bunch of tiles of the whole design. This then gets merged together to one big image. At the end of the day, I have it running. Unfortunately, the design itself was an old version, so I first have to generate the proper one.


Week #150 – PANDA Meeting

8 – 12 December

Meeting week, but starting Tuesday this time because in Italy Monday is a national holiday. Fine with me, this gives me time to prepare stuff for the meeting. In the few free minutes I have I help out with building the model. More and more parts are getting glued together, but there is still a lot of work to do.

For the meeting I was asked to give a status update of the chip since I’m the only developer present at the meeting. In the last days I already got some input from the Torino guys, but I still have to talk for 90 minutes with them to clarify some aspects. Because I couldn’t find time during the day where I could work concentrated on my talk, I use the evening for that. Quite late I finish everything I want to talk about.

On Tuesday the meeting starts, surprisingly smooth everything. Throughout the week I take the shuttle bus which is organized for the guests staying in hotels in Aachen. Luckily the starting point is not very far from my home, so I’m joining them.
My talk in the MVD session went also quite well, you can find the slides in the dedicated post1.

1:10 Model of the PANDA Detector

1:10 Model of the PANDA Detector

Wednesday has a bit less interesting sessions for me so I use the time to help out with the model. The last items arrive throughout the day, so we are finally able to finish everything just in time. In the late afternoon we transport everything from our meeting room (where it was built) to the main auditorium where it should be presented the next day. Not so easy if single parts weigh something in the order of 50-60 kg and are hard to grab. But in the end we manage to get everything prepared for the presentation. We are pleased with the result.

All in all it is a very busy week with not so much participation at a meeting as I had it the last times. But this is okay, at the end we were the hosts.

  1. Post is protected with a password to keep out random visitors, especially bots. The password is twice our experiment’s name. []

Week #137 – PANDA Meeting

8 – 12 September

Three months have passed – it is PANDA meeting time again. This time in Frascati, Italy, a nice small town close to Rome. The meeting for me is a rather relaxing one because I don’t have to give the status update talk on the PASTA development progress and I’m no longer one of the two young scientist representatives. So I can focus on discussing with people, listening to talks, and enjoying the food in Italy.

The most interesting discussion I had on the first evening while speaking with a colleague from Uppsala, Sweden. He plans to work on secondary vertex tracking for the PandaRoot framework. Now that I call a lucky coincidence. Just last week I got a task to investigate a certain physics channel which requires a secondary vertex tracker. That means I’m at least not developing that alone then. Very good.

Also quite nice was the atmosphere during this meeting. Starting from the first evening we had a very mixed group of young and almost young scientists. So the usual sticking-to-your-institute-group effect was not that dominant.
And then I finally understood time- and space-like form factors. Explained in the introduction session by the young scientists. Wohoo! I really like this session.

After the meeting I spend the weekend in Rome, sightseeing and such. Because next week I’ll be in Torino, so flying home for the weekend doesn’t make much sense.


Week #124 – PANDA Meeting

10 – 13 June

PANDA week. GSI. Hello again. Third time in a row. Feels a bit like a second home by now. Anyways, it was a quiet meeting, compared to the last one. At least for me.

We had another young scientists convent with only one true topic on the agenda: electing new representatives. I didn’t want to volunteer anymore since my PhD should come to an end soon and therefore I might be busy with other stuff. Other than that we had our introduction session again which is become a regular thing by now. I also gave a talk there, introducing the PANDA experiment in a bigger picture.
Also within the group of young scientists we had our own social evening, this time with a barbecue (it is summer). Nice evening, I just wish more people will attend in the future.

Then there was the MVD session where I gave a status update on the PASTA development. The outcome of this was a plan to test the technology we are using for damages caused by radiation.

Apart from that, not much was going on during this week. Quite nice for a change.

Just after the meeting finished on Friday at noon, we’re driving to Bochum to join the PhD’s poster session. I present the poster I had with me in Chicago, so luckily I didn’t need to prepare anything. The session was okish, most of the others knew someone, so they were sticking together in groups and it was a bit hard to find people to explain their posters.


Talk: Welcome to the PANDA Experiment

Subtitle: Physics Motivation and Detector Concept
Slides: 23
Duration: 30 Minutes

Date: 12 June 2014
Occasion: PANDA collaboration meeting, Introduction session
Location: GSI Darmstadt
Audience: New and not so experienced PANDA members, mostly PhD students

The second time I give this talk, this time a bit compressed compared to the first time. It went well, even though I copied most of the slides and thus didn’t prepare myself thoroughly. The timing was better though, because I left out some details not really relevant to get the big picture.

View on Speaker Deck | Download PDF (5.9 MB)


Talk: PASTA Status Update

Subtitle: Current status of analog and digital parts
Slides: 21
Duration: ~25 minutes

Date: 10 June 2014
Occasion: 49. PANDA collaboration meeting, MVD session
Location: ASR, GSI Darmstadt, Germany
Audience: PANDA MVD group

I didn’t put too much effort in preparing this status update because most of the things I’ve already shown before somewhere. So I know what to say about the slides and can copy many of them from previous talks. Quite new is the section for the analog part, there I got some slides from my colleagues.

The talk itself went quite well. It was not the best talk in terms of preparation and more like a discussion, but this suits fine in this session.

View on Speaker Deck | Download PDF (2.1 MB)


Week #111 – PANDA Meeting

10 – 14 March

This week is the opening of a long marathon of meetings and conferences. It is PANDA meeting time, again at GSI in Darmstadt. In the MVD session I just give a short oral summary of my current work because I didn’t have time to prepare some dedicated slides. We get an idea of how to test the current technology for radiation hardness, but this has to be verified later.
Outside this dedicated session I sit together with some people and discuss the parts of the data acquisition after the front-end. We conclude that we need further discussions on the data format and postpone this to the dedicated DAQ meeting three weeks later.

On another note we have the still new group of young scientists and meet for three things: the convent as the official part, the introduction session as our contribution to the PANDA meeting and a new social event in the evening. It’s a kind of get together for the young scientists, including some pizza, beers, games, and most importantly: fun. We plan to make this a regular event, let’s see how it will be the next time.

Luckily, the Friday has nothing of importance to me directly, hence I can ride back on Thursday evening. This gives me the opportunity to get some paperwork and organizational stuff done on Friday.


Week #98 – PANDA Meeting

9 – 13 December

PANDA collaboration meeting week at the GSI in Darmstadt. Pretty usual stuff. Not so much discussion besides the sessions, so it is a bit more relaxed as the ones before.

In the MVD session I present my progress on the PASTA chip development and for a newly created introduction session I present an overview of the PANDA experiment. Both go quite fine, considering I didn’t do a test talk beforehand.

Unfortunately I have to finish these talks during the week and help to create a third one (which is presented by a colleague). I also try to wrap up things with the written stuff. The yearly report is finished, is just has to be sent to the right person. DPG abstract and proceedings submission have to be handed in until Sunday. Luckily, most of it is done, but I wait until the weekend to submit both. I have more time there without distractions and for the proceedings I want to give the other authors time to read and comment.