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Talk: Stars, Supernovae, and Neutrinos

Disclaimer: I forgot to upload this when it was due, thus the delay.

Subtitle: A brief introduction into the stars of astrophysics.
Slides: 16
Duration: ~ 45 Minutes

Date: 28 August 2014
Occasion: IKP PhD seminar
Location: IKP, FZ Jülich
Audience: Other PhD students, mostly IKP-1

My turn in the weekly PhD seminar. I wanted to focus on astrophysical neutrinos and started with supernovae. The topic grew a bit, so in the end I mainly talked about supernovae and postponed the more general neutrino talk to the next time.

Generally it went fine. Some explanations were a bit half-baked because I didn’t rehearse this talk. But the atmosphere is quite relaxed and invites discussions, so it’s fine.

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