Talk: The PANDA Strip ASIC (PASTA)

Subtitle: Current status of the development
 for the MVD silicon strip front-end
Slides: 15
Duration: ~20 minutes

Date: 02 April 2015
Occasion: IKP-1 group meeting seminar
Location: IKP meeting room, FZ Jülich
Audience: People from IKP-1, mainly physicists working on PANDA but also other hadron physics experiments

Huh, that was close, I almost missed my turn at the weekly seminar. Luckily, I just presented my work the week before, so I could reuse most of the things from there. I put in three more slides because I have some more time to explain.

The talk went smooth, no complains here. Some interesting questions afterwards about radiation effects and protection, even I could learn something here.

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