Talk: Welcome to the PANDA Experiment

Subtitle: Physics Motivation and Detector Concept
Slides: 25
Duration: 45 Minutes

Date: 13 December 2013
Occasion: PANDA collaboration meeting, Introduction session
Location: GSI Darmstadt
Audience: New and not so experienced PANDA members, mostly PhD students

The group of young scientists from PANDA decided they wanted to provide an introduction to PANDA for newcomers. To help them find their way in the collaboration. So we had such a session with talks about PANDA in general and some detector concept in more detail. Because I am one of two representatives of this group, I decided to take over the part for the general introduction.

It went quite well. I could have gave a rehearsal of this talk, but in the end the atmosphere was relaxed enough and I think my explanations were not that confusing. Reactions from the audience were quite positive.

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