Week #161

23 – 27 February

The week starts with a meeting with the professor. I don’t have many new plots because I’m still working on the basic classes to create the data. So I’m explaining what I’m doing and the progress with PASTA. The first time since I give these reports I have a good feeling that the ASIC is realistically close to submission.

After the meeting I continue with the task I started with last week. Eventually, I get it done in the week, but working on it was interrupted by a meeting on Wednesday. We have an online meeting for the branch of hadron physics my channel falls into. To inform people what I’m working on right now, I combine a few plots together and give a first presentation about my cascade simulation (password is the title of this blog).

PASTA: Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in1. On Thursday afternoon I got the info that the other designers found another check they can do on the design concerning antenna violations. The test checks for long neighboring lines which work as antennas and might pick up signals from the other line. This will lead to noise and in the worst case to a defective design. The interesting thing is that my design checks these violations and corrects them automatically. Apparently, it is not thorough enough because the other tool, which the other designers used, found some violations. So on Friday we try to find a solution to that and decide at the end that I cannot do anything useful. This has to be corrected by hand 🙁 Luckily, it seems that this can be done and shouldn’t prohibit us from submitting the design.

  1. Source: The Godfather III. []

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