Week #162

2 – 6 March

I spend the first days trying to install our experiment’s software framework (PandaRoot) on my MacBook. It should work, at least in the most recent version. Strangely though, it does not. I get some errors related with graphics output, specifically a libpng version conflict. This was a known bug in an older root version, but the given workaround didn’t work for me (and the bug shouldn’t appear in the first place).

After two days of downloading, recompiling, changing parameters, and more recompiling I give up. At the end I have an installation which basically works but a certain program of the framework doesn’t. It is not important to get data, but a very helpful tool to investigate what is going on.

The rest of the week I spend finishing my track filter and start to have a look, what is coming out of that. Or, to be more specific, what the filter is throwing away. After struggeling a bit with how exactly I have to access the data properly I get a skeleton of the script ready until the end of the week.

PASTA: The submission deadline was Monday, which we couldn’t make but more for technical reasons (the wafer was full already). Nontheless, the design is ready, so finally I can fully concentrate my work on the analysis.

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