Week #163

9 – 13 March

On the weekend I started preparing the talk for the upcoming DPG meeting. I have a rehearsal talk on Wednesday, which went quite good. Only small modifications have to be done.

Otherwise, I started the week by continuing the analysis of my track filter. It’s effects turn out to be slight but significant, at least for most particles in my decay. So it seems to be a good idea to have it in since it is (probably1) reducing the unreasonable reconstructed tracks.

On Thursday we have our biweekly supervisor meeting. The others are going in first, so I have a quick look at what the particle identification does in my case. For the meeting I have a first plot ready, good. After the meeting we have the majority of DPG test talks.

On Friday I continue my analysis macro which is taking care of getting data from the previous steps, combining decayed particles to their mother and filtering what is reasonable here. The last part is the most interesting, but for that I need to figure out what the „resonable“ means in my case.

  1. Our collaboration still has to decide on which tracks are actually reconstructable and which just deliver too less hits. []

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