Week #164 – PANDA Meeting

16 – 20 March

Three months are over, it is PANDA meeting time again. So on Monday morning, I drive to Gießen and have three packed days of talks, discussions, and social evenings. It was good and it felt efficient. On Tuesday afternoon I give my talk in the hyperon session (password is the title of this blog), the first time that I’m not talking about electronics but physics.

On Wednesday I drive back home so that I can use at least the two other days for my work and writing. One of the days I write a script that automatically creates and generates a composed screenshot of the digital design. The problem is, that exporting is not well supported, so one can only make screenshots of the current display. This works fine if the design is small, but for larger scales this just gives you a colored brick (the resolution is not high enough).

My idea was, to move the current display of the zoomed design, take a screenshot, move it again, screenshot, … and so on until I have a bunch of tiles of the whole design. This then gets merged together to one big image. At the end of the day, I have it running. Unfortunately, the design itself was an old version, so I first have to generate the proper one.

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