Week #169

20 – 24 April

The weekend has been productive and I got some parts written on my readout system chapter. On Monday I discuss my findings on the closest distance of helix to point. It seems like a good idea to implement this, but I’m not going to do this. Instead, I should use real propagators to get the information.

With the help from some colleagues, I get the propagators running and store three different distances: the distance to the point of closest approach with a real propagator, the distance to the point when the propagator crosses the xy plane at z = 0 (which should be similar to the first), and the distance to a point from a helix at z = 0, parameterized by the position and momentum information. The first one should be the most accurate to the reality, while the second one should be still accurate but not anymore the point of closest approach. The last is expected to be the fastest because it is just analytically, but its accuracy is not given. Hence, I plan to make a comparison between the three approaches.

On Thursday, I finish all of this and have a running version. I send some jobs to the cluster to produce a large amount of data, just to find out that there is some bug with certain combination of numbers. After the bugfix on Friday, I run the jobs again to start with the analysis on Monday.

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