Week #170

27 – 30 April

On Thursday the next meeting with the professor is scheduled. So I’m trying to get some requested plots ready until then. One plot I’m particularly interested in is a probability ratio from the best to the second best fit. The data producing classes are ready since two weeks, now I’m starting to analyze the data coming out.

With a bunch of plots and diagrams ready, I enter the discussion on Thursday. During that, we realize that something seems off. The fitting produces strange results and needs to be investigated further. Since the bare data is not helpful here, I start another try on the event display.

This is a software displaying (simulated) data in a three dimensional viewer in order to get a tangible view on the abstract data. The viewer didn’t work before on my MacBook, so I try a bit around until I update the software to the most recent version. Then, for some reason, it finally works and I’m good to go for some more detailed investigations.

Friday is off because of a holiday. I use the day to finish the second chapter of my thesis about the readout system.

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