Week #172

11 – 13 May

Huh, a short week. Holiday on Thursday and bridge day on Friday. I start with where I finished last week: trying to find out, why the track filter task messes things up, at least sometimes. I present on the status on Wednesday in the hyperon online meeting, even though this is not the proper place — the computing meeting was cancelled. After that I also prepare a bug report for the developers.

In the meantime I try to vary some software versions, mainly the main framework and a propagator. Ultimately I find out that the new propagator works nicer than the old one but it causes other parts of the simulation chain to fail. Argh — one problem solved, the next one appears.

On Wednesday I have the next meeting with my professor. Basically I present my findings on the framework’s behavior but I also wanted to have at least some plots to show. So the evening before I program until after midnight to get something ready which caused the initial discussion on the last meeting.

For the long weekend I intend to work on my first introductory chapter for my thesis. This involves a lot of reading, so progress is slow. But steady, at least.

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