Week #173

18 – 22 May

The first half of the week I’m still fiddling with software tools and finding the proper combination that I’m satisfied with. Basically the same as last week, but with a result on Wednesday: new track finder and new propagator, both with useful options that actually produce proper output.

After that, I can finally take on my original task and dig into plotting data. I update some functions taking over recurring tasks and the scripts submitting jobs to the cluster. There, I found out that my jobs are taking too long and are getting killed repeatedly. Thus, I shrink the job size and extend my script resubmitting jobs, making it easier to find missing pieces. With the new setup, I’m producing a bunch of data and can redo some older plots that I intend to use in my thesis.

Other than that we have a first analysis meeting/workshop/discussion on tips and tricks Andi found interesting to share. It is a good idea to share gained knowledge and increase productivity in your workflow, even though I already knew most parts. Thursday is meeting day, as always. Ah, and then we were making a doctoral hat for a colleague from China who will graduate on Sunday. Strange rhythm, but ok. I for myself focused on writing for my thesis for the weekend.

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