Week #174

26 – 29 May

The weekend was okayish productive in word count, but considering the topic which needs a lot of reading I’m satisfied. On Tuesday I work on some scripts and classes I prepared to make them easier to use for others. The reason is the analysis meeting on Wednesday where I volunteered to share some findings and scripts myself with a ’short‘ presentation1. Because people seem interested, I take the time to explain the stuff.

After Wednesday morning, I can continue with my own work. I’m refining some old plots and create new ones, working off points on my todo list. Eventually, I hit another show stopper: the back propagation seems off.

As a filter criterion, I wanted to propagate a combined particle candidate backwards and see where this leads. Ideally, this should be close to the production point (which I know roughly) and I can throw away those too far off. For some reason though, almost every candidate seems off. Moreover, the structure seems not right — I would expect a peak around my expected value and some noise from wrong combinations further away.

To narrow the problem down, I produce more plots. Unfortunately, everything seems alright until the point of propagation. Something I have to discuss next week at the next meeting with the professor.

  1. The password is the usual one. []

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