Week #84

2. – 6. September

My first invited talk this week. I’m a bit excited, but gathering motivation for preparing the talk is still quite hard. Nevertheless, I finish it on Monday, with two details missing for which I have to wait on some emails. The next two days is a happy mixture of preparing other talks and discussions for the PANDA meeting and finishing the invited talk.

On Thursday morning I’m flying back to Germany, just to give a short test talk in Juelich. It works rather well and I get some useful advice for my slides. In the afternoon I get the rental car, because I have to leave at 5:30 on the next morning.
The talk itself went well, the questions and answer session afterwards was a bit awkward, because I didn’t know lots of details. So quite often I had to postpone the answer to the next week, when the expert on the chip would be there.

As of this talk, I start uploading all my publishable talks to scribd and post the embedded version here. Much like Andi is doing it in his thesis log.

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